Topps Group (Topps Tiles) Buys Pro Tiler Tools without doing Due Diligence, Pro Tiling Tools online since 2004

Topps Tiles, or rather their Topps Group organisation, has purchased Pro Tiler Tools without doing their proper due diligence checks. As Pro Tiling Tools, a brand using the original name, has been online since 2004. Northants Tools, the owner of Pro Tiler Tools, sold their company to Topps Tiles recently, whilst the brand name Pro Tiling Tools was already using the name and has been since 2004. Even before Tilers Forums launched, which was in 2006.

Topps are now aware of this situation and are failing to act. Before too long Pro Tiling Tools will have no choice but to start legal proceedings.

This is one man, Dan, the owner of Tilers Forums, against Topps Tiles, and we’ll update the forum with all goings on over the coming weeks. We hope Topps Tiles will see fit to help difuse confusion over the two brand names, that has come about since Northants Tools started to trade with a name that was already in use.

We have reached out to Topps Tiles and will update this post with any comment from them.