Pro Tilers Tools

We have a large selection of Pro Tilers Tools online here at Starting with tiling tools suppliers. There are:-

  • Rubi Tile Cutters
  • Sigma Manual Tile Cutters
  • Montolit Tile Cutters
  • DeWALT Tiling Tools
  • Tilers Wet Cutter
  • Wet Cuter for Cutting Tough Tiles like Porcelain or Stone Tiles

Why buy Pro Tilers Tools from

Our Pro Tilers Tools have been manually tested here in the workshop to make sure that they’re up to the job. We aim to supply tiling tools that are the best quality, whether buying professionally, or as a DIY tiler or weekend warrior.

Pro Tiler Tools
The hands of the worker are laying the ceramic tile on the floor.

Our wall tiling trowels and floor tiling trowels are left and right handed. We even have the famous notched trowel made by Benson Industries Limited. The old BAL tiling trowels.

Pro Tiler Advice

Checkout the UK Tiling Forum for the best tiler advice available in the UK. There’s also a blog here.

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