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Three posts a week hahaha haha haaaaaaaaa hahahahaha

Turns out this guy who runs this has a Mrs who thinks she can build and rank shit.

ADHD? Apparently Andy has that. So Marc says.

You know what? Andy got banned for being a womanising loser. Not because of mental health. He told a woman who helped admin the largest tile advice website on earth some things I would never repeat.

God help his wife. I hope they both get the help he needs. And both fuck off treading on my toes.

Some awesome uk tiling forum sites that we have found for you.

5 Reasons Tiling Forum Sites Online Are Awesome

Getting advice online from a tilers Forum can be advantageous. You can find a tiler there, review tilers there. Look into tiling advice yourself before booking a tiler to do the job for you so that you know whether the job is up to a good standard for a professional tiler. For a start that is.

UK Tiling Forum
UK Tiling Forum

UK Tiling Forum for the UK Tilers Out There

The following list has some forums, and these are the best ones, if they’re not on this list, don’t use them – there are some really dodgy ones about that use similar names but are just there to collect your data and sell it on to the highest bidder. Usually scour around Facebook too so avoid those on there also.

UK Tiling Forums Online Right Now

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How to UK Tiling Forums Work?

As we say, watch out for some of the forums knocking about that appear to slate new members, have weird cliques, accept products and backhanders in return for leaving false reviews all over their forums. They’re often made up of members that have been banned from, the world’s largest tile forum and tiling advice website. Tiling Advice Live is one of the newest tile blogs that can be found providing advice and tips related to all aspects of wall and floor tiling, whether a professional or DIY tiler.

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Comment below if you’d like to add a website or forum to our list.

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Checkout the Price Comparison Blog, this month they compare Rubi Tile Cutters. Also checkout the tiling training centres and Tiling Courses across the UK. Along with those handy websites we have also found The UK Tiling Forum for the wall and floor tilers who wish to research their tiling tools before committing to buy anything, which is always wise.