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Whats going on with the Google?

I’ve been working on and off with the forum Advertising systems for a while now. I thought I owed it to you all to explain what has actually been going on. And just the first note here, it’s not only being displayed to you guys, but even the regulars and even admins and mods.

Basically Google has Ads. Either ones you can add to your website yourself, in the place you want to put it. Ideally in the place that makes the forum the most amount of money which means I can work on more websites. And then is has a button that turns on Auto Ads, which is the thing that annoys us all.

So what I’ve been doing is turning auto ads on, running it for a few days (per actual domain / forum, not just one forum like). Then collecting data, choosing the best spots from auto-ads data to manually add the advert. I want to manually insert them because then I can disable them for users etc

But with auto ads on, I lose control over it the lot really.

Our manual ads (mostly) load like I want and I’m nearly there.

But then obviously there will be the usual groups of people who (in the end) wont see ads, and there are some groups that view just a couple of ads.

But Google has enabled some other features which I’m testing also, but those features only turn on with Auto Ads on. So I’m just creating some code to run said search feature without needing auto ads on.

When auto ads are on. All the work I put into creating groups and group permissions then setup ads for some groups, and smaller ads for other groups, and no ads for others etc etc – All of the control goes in one click with auto ads.

So block for now using Ad Blocker for your browser. Search your app store. And i’ll let you know when switch the blocker off again at some point (only if you buy from ads – some people don’t, that’s fine to keep them blocked then).

Save this. I’ll update it. It has no ads for you. 🙂

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